More and more people are discovering how beneficial it can be to explore nature on foot and how they can relax and have fun. Many hidden and beautiful paths are missed when driving past quickly with a car or a bicycle.

Rheinsteig, Westerwaldsteig, Rhein Castles Trail, Traumpfade. Limes Trail, Rheinhöhenweg and the Wiedweg, a newly certified high-quality walking path along the river Wied, run through the district of Neuwied or in close proximity to the town. Also many local hiking trails within Neuwied's boundaries give you a chance to discover nature as the town is the gateway to the Westerwald Nature park. Those trials amount to 120 kilometers in length within the district of Neuwied. Over the next few years the urban real estate management will develop a new extensive network of paths around the city centre and the districts. Also planned is a seperate flyer on the Neuwied trails. The nine new circular trails, called NR 1 to NR 9 will be from 4.5 to 15 km in length (in total: 82 kms).

All new trails have been designed according to the quality standards for hiking paths of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The beginning of the new network is the Historic Roman ans Celtic trail, marked as "NR 1". This delightful circular trail offers hikers a glimpse into the historic of the area up to 2600 years ago. The trail connects the Rhine with the Limes hiking trail.

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