As a town with a history of religious tolerance and traditional lively diversity of its people and districts, Neuwied firmly believes in town twinning. It has two official twin towns and a twin region.

Güstrow (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania)

As early as 1984, long before anybody could anticipate the fall of the wall dividing Germany, Neuwied made great efforts to establish a partnership with a town in the former German Democratic Republic. Güstrow became Neuwied's official twin town in 1989. From difficult beginnings under a tight ideological regime, the partnership grew in the first years after reunification. From the early years of direct basic help for the infrastructure and everyday needs of institutions the emphasis has changed to more personal contacts between clubs and private individuals in recent years.

Bromley Borough of London (Great Britain)

1987 saw the signing of the official agreement between Bromley, an independent Borough of Greater London with 300,000 inhabitants, and Neuwied. The emphasis in this partnership is on school exchanges with various types of schools and pupils of all ages, but it also includes exchange visits of teachers and trainees. The Mayor or Mayoress of Bromley visiting Neuwied once a year has become a firm tradition. The Bromley Town Twinning Association and the "Freundeskreis Bromley" of Neuwied further help to fill this partnership with life. Personal contacts and visits take place on a regular basis, for example during the Deichstadtfest (dyke town festival) in Neuwied in July.

Drom Hasharon (Israel)

The partnership with the region of Drom Hasharon was officially established in 1987, but its beginnings go back to the year 1977, when an "Israel week" organised by the local adult education centre helped to start contacts. Teacher and pupil school exchanges followed till Drom Hasharon became a candidate for the town-twinning scheme.

School exchanges still take place, often under not such favourable conditions, and are very much part of the efforts within this partnership towards reconciliation between the German and the Jewish peoples. The young generations are encouraged not to forget and are asked to look critically at the dramatic intertwined past of the two countries.

The Deutsch-Israelische Freundeskreis (German-Israeli Circle of Friends) devote a lot of their time to fostering this partnership.

Beverwijk (The Netherlands)

The partnership with Beverwijk started as early as 1965 and quickly thrived. The 20th anniversary in 1985 was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Since 1990 the partnership has continued on a private basis, with many friendships still going strong and regular visits by groups and individuals.

Kinyamakara (Ruanda)

Ruanda is the official partner country of Rhineland-Palatinate. This loosely organised partnership has its emphasis on projects in schools in Kinyamakara and on financial help, for example for the construction of water pipes. Schools in Neuwied take an active part in the partnership.


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